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Order Hymenoptera
(bees, wasps, ants)

They have a pollen comb and basket on there hind leg.  Plumose hairs present on thorax and the basal vein is straight.
Family:  Braconidae (braconid wasps)
This family is known for laying eggs inside of caterpillars.  Members are red with black wings and juveniles look like ants with clear wings.

Family:  Chysididae (cuckoo wasps)
Surface of bodies are pattern like a golf ball and irridescent.

They have 1-2 humps betwewen the abdomen and thorax.  As a defense they can spray formic acid. 
Family:  Halictidae (sweat bees)
Bright irridescent blue/green and black.  Members of this family are ground dwellers.  There basal vein is also arched.

Have a very long ovipositor with a sheath. 
Family:  Mutilidae (velvet ants)
Red/Orange/Black and striped.  They are parasites of larvae and beetles.  The have a curled up ovipositor that can sting.

 Black or irredescent blue.  When insect is at rest the wings are folded.
Family:  Tenthridinidae (sawflies)
They are relatively small.  They are broadly attached between the thorax and abdomen.

They are black and yellow and there wings are folded over at rest. 
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