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Order Lepidoptera
(Butterflies and Moths)

Family: Arctiidae (tiger & leopard moths)
 Sc & R1 fused to distal cell, has geometric patterns.
 Black/white & some red on hind wings.
Family: Coleophoridae (Larch casebearer)
Family: Cossidae (carpenter worm) 
 Adults have 3'' wingspan & are 2.5'' long. Larvae bore into heartwood & sapwood.
 Pupate in heartwood with 8-15 instars, mostly gray wings, form galleries in Oaks. 
Family: Geometridae (geometers = incheworms)
 Sc bent at base of hind wing near the beginning & very angular.
 Geometric patterns & shapes.
Family: Gracillariidae (Aspen leaf blotch miner)
Family: Hesperiidae (skippers)
 Hooked antennae on end/flat.
 5 branched on ends of forewings.
Family: Lasiocampidae (Eastern & Forest tent caterpillar)
 Family: Limacodidae (cup moths)
 Caterpillars have reduced true legs & no prolegs.  They progress as a slug does.
 Hardwoods, Ex. Slug Moths.
Family: Lycaenidae (blues, coppers, hairstreaks)
 More slender then Pieridae.
 Antennae have white rings & eyes.
Family: Lymantriidae (Gypsy Moths)
Family: Noctuidae (cutworms, armyworms & semi-loopers)
 Blend in with the environment very well like the prominents.
 M2 is further back towards beginning of distal cell compared to
 Notodontidae. Geometric patterns but the wings do not spread out. 
 Caterpillars are smooth wwith very few hairs, some without hairs.   
Family: Notodontidae (prominents & oakworms)
 Wings are held roof-like, tuffs of hair on ends of forewings.
 Resembles hoppers, M2 arises in the middle of the wing. Larvae have modified tail appendages & the  larvae are lined.     
Family: Nymphalidae (milkweed butterflies, brush footed butterflies)
 Prothorasic legs reduced & lacks claws.
 Most common color is orange/brown.
 Plumose antennae with clear spots on wings.
 The largest in North America & produce silk.
Family: Sesiidae (clearwing moths)
 Adults and larvae are wood borers & burrow in plant roots.
 Transparent scales, appearance similar to bee/wasp with yellow stripe on body.
 Rear wing much smaller, have spindle like antennae that look
 like a bird, air plane or missle. Larvae are large & naked, robust
 bodies with unique colors, caterpillers bodies are raised up in the front.
Family: Papilionidae (swallowtails, parnassians w/out tail)
 Some of the largest butterflies.
 One anal vein on hind wing.
Family: Pieridae (sulfurs, whites & orange tips)
 Bifid claws (two claws originate in one place at the M1 stalk with R).
 Usually white or yellow in color.
Family: Psychidae (bagworms)
 Females are apterous and in case attached to twigs.
Family: Pyralidae (Maple Webworm)
 Larvae will web groups of leaves together to form a nest as they feed.
 They winter in a pre-pupa coccon in duff, they feed on Maples, Oaks, Willows,  
 Aspen, Beech & Elms. Caterpiller is pale yellow to green or brown.
Family: Tortricidae (Spruce & Jack Pine budworm)
 Larvae reddish head capsules with dark band.  Egg masses at tip of needles.
 White spots on side of each segment, over winter in silk lined tube of needles.