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(Olive Family)

Forsythia ovata - Forsythia
 Leaves are attached oppositely.
  Used as a border plant or for screening.  In this picture it is used as a border plant around the campus parking lot.
  Leaves are serrated except at the base which they are rounded.
  Has multiple buds.
Yellow flowers cover this shrub in the spring.
No serious pest problems.
Fraxinus americana - White Ash
 Opposite pinnately compound leaves with 5 to 9 leaflets.
  Can get up to 80 feet tall.
  Has thick stout branches.
  Buds are rusty brown to black.
 As the tree matures the bark with get diamond shape patterns.
The buds are inset in leaf scar.
The leaf scars make a smiling face.

Fraxinus nigra - Black Ash
Fraxinus pennsylvanica - Green Ash
 Leaves are also opposite pinnately compound with 5 to 9 leaflets
  Furrows in bark become much longer then W. Ash.
  Fall color yellow.
  Thinner leaf with more serrations.
 Branches aren't as thick as the W. Ash but there is more branching.
  A wise man once said Green Ash=Green Trash.
  Up to 60 feet tall.

Syringa reticulata - Japanese Tree Lilac
 Oppositely attached leaves.
  Great tree for diversifying urban plantings.
Syringa vulgaris - Common Lilac
 Thick heart shaped leaves.
  Has two buds on the end.
  Commonly gets powdery mildew.
  Four sided stems on the new growth.
 Great for screenings, and border plantings.
  Large white to purple flowers thats produce a very fragrant smell in the spring.